Welcome, welcome

So, I have finally done it – started a blog. Now I am officially a member of the 21st century and the hip, techie crowd. I thought I had arrived when I succumbed and joined Facebook last year, but obviously that just isn’t enough. I am also on Twitter, though I confess I don’t quite “get” it and find Facebook to be much more fun. But being on Twitter does allow me to use the word “tweet” once in a while, which may make it worthwhile just for that.

I decided to start blogging because, well, I am a writer after all, and it doesn’t look like magazines and newspapers are going to be around much longer (OK, I’m being a little dramatic ,but if the SF Chronicle is on shaky ground, what publication can we trust to stick around?). Blogs are the way of the future, or at least my future, or maybe it’s my present now? Anyways, I love seeing my work published in magazines and papers, but frankly, it’s a lot of work to sell yourself and the pay isn’t always all that great, and here I get to write about whatever I want! And that does not include cheap ways to remodel your kitchen or make your deck look like new (yes, I have written those stories before).

Mostly, I like to write about funny things I observe in the world, the trials and tribulations of being a mother, and life here in Tahoe, with all it’s passionate, crazy-athletic and daring folks.

Yesterday, for instance, I was at a play-date…Well, let me stop right there. I do no like that word for some reason (as you’ll learn, there are a host of words that rub me the wrong way). “Play-date.” It sounds so so….1950s house-wife. Most of the time I take my kid to a friend’s house it’s just as much for me to spend time with my girlfriends as for Kaiden to see his (sadly, my 2-year old daughter Kaya ususally gets the shaft when it comes to playdates and gets dragged around to hang out with Kaiden’s friends. I’m taking her to ballet to make up for it.). What would I call it instead? I’ll get back to you on that one. Suggestions are welcome.

Anways, there were 4 moms and 7 kids and we were about to eat pizza when someone broke out the chocolate milk boxes and all hell broke loose. Total pandimonium. Kaiden and his friend Cooper were freaking out that they just had to have a chocolate milk box or they would absolutely die, while we were insisting they consume some food first. (Kaiden can go all day without eating or peeing, which is why I have nicknamed him “The Camel.”) I had to remove Kaiden from the room and have a little chat with him outside, and he finally calmed down and reluctantly ate his pizza. As for me – by then I needed a glass of wine.


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