Word of the Day

So, I am constantly amazed at how many words there are in the English language that I don’t know. So I have decided to start looking them up. Here are a few I just learned (don’t make fun of me if you already knew them).

Solipsistic: can’t get enough of this one, just love the way it slips off my tongue.  Means ‘self-absorbed.’

Zeitgeist: My husband is obsessed with the conspiracy movie of the same name, so I finally had to look it up. “The spirit of the time. General trend or thought or feeling characteristic of a particular period of time.” So is the Zeitgeist now ‘Hope’ or “Broke?”

Schadenfreude: Took forever to find this in the dictionary, but I did and I’m dam proud of it. Yes, another German word but it’s always appearing in Time Magazine (which I am an advid reader of), and I kept feeling stupid when I didn’t know what it meant. Now I do. “Pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune.” Hmmm, this is a good one.


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