Avalanche Aftermath

Avalanche Aftermath


“Total Loss”

"Total Loss"

 When we bought our house back in 2004, it was one of the cheapest ones left in the valley we live in. One reason: it’s in an avalanche path. I guess it was only a matter of time before we actually got hit. Until this past Christmas Day, we’d been lucky. We went four winters without a slide hitting our house. Then on the morning of Dec. 25 we were boarding a plane for Mexico when Siig got a call from ski patrol – a controlled avalanche had plowed right into our garage. Nice Christams present, huh?

This is when I discovered the real power of Facebook. As soon as we landed (and after downing multiple Coronas), with no cell service, we put out a plea for help on Facebook asking friends to please stop by our house and check out the damage. A few friends took photos and sent them to us, others boarded up the garage (and got a bottle of premium tequila as a thank you). In actuallity, I was more worried about our cats than our garage. Our neighbors who were feeding them not only could not reach the front door because of all the snow, but they couldn’t get to the planters where the key was hidden. I feared coming home to starved, frozen kitties. Fortunately, on the third or fourth day after the avalanche, the driveway finally got plowed and our friends got in. Kitties saved.

I was also worried about having to fork out thousands of dollars for a new garage door. But surprisingly, the avalanche had only pushed the garage door in and off its tracks, but not broken it. Cost us about $350 to repair. The front door had also been pushed in, but Siig was able to fix it by sledge-hammering it back into place. The same could not be said about Siig’s trucks, one of which was declared a total loss. It got pushed up against a fire hydrant, which left a nice dent in the side, and the camper shell was completely flattened. But the insurance money sure came in handy.


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