Don’t Eat the Kool-Aid

I’m not what you would call a “Martha Stewart Mom.” I love taking my kids out to the park or friends’ houses, but when it comes stay-at-home activities, I’m at a loss. I’m not very good at coming up with crafts or art projects for my kids, I can’t really sew or cook (though I’m trying!) and when it comes to keeping my children occupied on storm days sometimes I can think of nothing but the old standbys: reading or playing hide-and-seek.

I do like to bake, and that is always a great activity for kids. But after three weeks of bad weather this winter and making gingerbread cookies, chocolate chip cookies and brownies, I had not only depleted my baking arsenal but I was either going to get really fat or I had to find a new project. Making playdoh was the perfect solution – it was quick, the kids could help and play with it afterwards, but best of all, I wouldn’t eat it!

After three tries, I finally got a good batch of playdoh. I used the usual recipe: flour, water, creme de tartar, food coloring. But at a birthday party this weekend, I found the Mother Ship of homemade playdoh – it was bright yellow, so soft and squishy I couldn’t put it down and smelled so much like lemon pie I had to keep myself from putting it in my mouth. The trick – Kool-Aid. Who woulda guessed it?

I found one recipe for Kool-Aid playdoh at this site:   koolaid1


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