Word of the Day

Maybe this post would be better titled “Non-Word of the Day.” For today I learned that ‘segway’ is not a word. I could have sworn it was.

My dilemma came about in the process of writing an article. I had quoted someone using the word ‘segway,’ but my spellchecker did not like it. Now, me and my spellchecker do not always agree (for instance, it has problems with the words ‘Siig’ and ‘knarly’ – essential bons mots in my world). I looked up the word in the dictionary. No luck. I tried all different kinds of spelling. Still nothing. I did a Google search. Zilch. What the f@*%? I know I’ve heard this word before. Finally – because if Google can’t find it it really doesn’t exist – I stumbled upon a web site that explained the misunderstandings people have about the word ‘segway.’ Apparently, the folks over at Washington State University knew this word was stumping enough people that they had to clarify it once and for all. So nice to know I’m not alone.

Segue, which is Italian, means “to make a smooth transition from one item or topic to another.”

So in actuality, ‘segue-way’ would be redundant. We can thank the inventors of Segway – that ridiculously looking, over-sized scooter that only policemen and airport security use – for thoroughly confusing us even more.

Moral of the story – only dorks use the word ‘segway.’ Don’t be a dork.



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