Snack on this, at your own risk

snacktime    This album has been both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because my kids absolutely love it and they could listen to it over and over again in the car. A curse because, well, see previous sentence.

It’s a great way to keep my two rugrats occupied on car rides, long or short, and keeps them from fighting or spilling even more pretzels and goldfish crackers all over the back of my car. But car radio time was MY TIME, gosh darn it. It was the last bastion of sacred ME time I had, and now even that’s been taken from me.

It used to be such a satisfying feeling. Kaiden and Kaya snugly strapped in their car seats, knowing they were my prisoners and could not go anywhere. I would lovingly listen to NPR, catch up on all my news, and revel in adult world if only for the 20-minute car ride home from school. But it was all mine, and I relished the time.

Now, once they’re in the car, I stealthily tune to NPR, but soon I hear cries from the back shouting out their favorite songs. “Mommy, ‘Allergies!'” “‘Eraser,’ Mommy, ‘Eraser'” “‘Popcorn!”” My scheme has been foiled. I try to avoid the inevitable. “Honey, it’s Mommy’s turn now.” But that doesn’t work for very long. Finally, I have to chose between demanding toddlers and Terry Gross. So far, Toddlers: 25; Fresh Air: 2.

But I have to admit, as far as children’s music goes, ‘Snacktime’ is pretty good and even adults can appreciate it. Those talented guys from Canada cover just about every genre of music in the album, from 80s to bluegrass to a Queen rip-off. I even have my favorites. But I’m not telling my kids that. I miss NPR too much.


2 thoughts on “Snack on this, at your own risk

  1. Where on earth did you get the CD Snack Time. Can I get it at any old music place. I am always looking for fun things to introduce Cooper to while we make the long commute to Sacrament…every holiday or for family gatherings. The drive is brutal without property entertainment for a 4 year old. Any other suggestions.

    • Lola – Thanks for checking out my blog, and glad you like it. I have an extra copy of Snacktime I can give to you. We got it as party favors at a birthday party. I’ll try to remember on Wednes, it’s in my car.

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