Word of the Day – “Mother”

Mother: 1) A female parent; 2) a woman in authority; 3) maternal tenderness or affection

This is Merriam Webster Dictionary’s definition. While accurate, I think there is room for improvement. Here are some suggestions:

Mother, a.k.a mom, momma, mommy, ‘hey you:’ 1) Fixer of toys; 2) Kisser of boo-boos; 3) Maker of PB&J sandwiches and heater-upper of frozen pizzas; 4) Queen of Multi-tasking; 5) Chauffeur; 6) Peacemaker; 7) Washer of clothes; 8 ) Official swing pusher; 9) Locater of all lost toys; 10) Giver of unconditional love; 11) Social Chair; 12) Bill payer; 13) House cleaner; 14) Homework helper; 15) Receiver of Boogers; 16) Organizer of Birthday Parties; 17) Keeper of Calendar; 18) and General All-around-make-it-better Person

Did I forget anything???Spring 08 069   Happy Mother’s Day!   (BTW, according to Salary.com, a stay-at-home mom does the work equivalent of a $122,732 salary; $76,184 for a Working Mom. So go buy yourself something nice today – you earned it!)                                            Mothers Surprise


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