Word of the Day – “Evil”

 credit card

 I am not even going to look  in the dictionary for this one. I have my own definition.

Evil: 1) Credit Card companies, as in those blood-sucking banks that got an infusion of money from the federal government but continue to suck cardholders dry so their CEOs can fly in private jets and play golf in Scotland; 2) not to name names, but a certain bank, let’s say Bank of America, charges an exorbitant late fee of $49 and is unwilling to work with me to waive the fee even though it’s another credit card company’s (let’s say Chase’s) fault; 3) Chase screwed up on a balance transfer and said it cannot fix the mistake, yet if I make a mistake I get royally penalized; 4) along with insurance companies, the root of many of the problems in the U.S.

And let’s not forget the insufficient fund fees that banks charge customers – like Bank of America’s $35 fee, which it charges even if you overdraw your account by $1. I think banks make the majority of their profits from fees.

In other words, banks suck. But they are a Necessary Evil (for definition, see above).

OK, venting over. Fun-loving, humorous posts will resume when my blood pressure returns to normal.


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