Vote for Me!

uncle samIn the words of Rod Stewart: “If you want my body, and you think I’m funny, come on sugar, vote for me.”

Well, maybe I’ve taken some creative license with the lyrics. But if you’ve been enjoying my blog and think I deserve more attention from the blogging world, vote for me at SocialLuxeLounge’s blog awards for women. (For some reason, the title of my blog is not listed, but if you scroll over the blank space where it should be my blog will pop up. I think somebody’s trying to sabotage my chances of winning.)

Or just vote for me because I told you to. This ain’t no democracy here at Mountain Momma.

OK, fine, I will come over and clean your house and cook you one of my new fancy recipes if you vote for me. I’ll even write a blog about you. How’s that?

Now just do it.


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