My Son the Dictator


Every day since I have lived in our house – which would be about five years – I have driven by this beautiful meadow and never stopped. Well, I couldn’t take it anymore. Right now, the meadow is absolutely amazing, what with all the wildflowers blooming and the creek in full stream from the snow melt. So one day this week, I decided that was it – we were going to go explore the meadow. Me and the kids. Our first real nature hike.

It didn’t take too much arm-twisting on my end since I told Kaiden and Kaya they could pick flowers. They liked that idea – of being free to pick flowers and not get yelled at like they usually do after grabbing flowers out of someone’s garden or a store’s flower boxes. Immediately, Kaiden declared himself the leader of the hike, which will come as no surprise to anyone who knows Kaiden since, along with being a self-declared vegetarian, he is also a self-declared Leader (in case you are wondering, he is a Leo). If I got out in front of him on the trail, he would yell at me. Clearly the sign of good leadership.

Our fearless leader

Our fearless leader

Despite the beauty of the scenery and the optimal Kodak moments, Kaiden would not pose for a photo for me, being the self-declared Stubborn Child that he is. And, of course, since he was the leader, his younger sister followed suit and also refused to let me take a photo of her, which is normally a favorite past time of hers, being the self-declared Movie Star that she is. Nevertheless, I managed to slyly snap a few covert photos. (I did almost work at the CIA, after all.) 

Stubborn One refusing to pose

Stubborn One refusing to pose

Secret Agent Mommy nabs a photo

Secret Agent Mommy nabs a photo









 As we were heading back, Kaiden said, “Now which way is it to our car?”

In hindsight, I realized this was a rhetorical question, but at the time I made the grave mistake of telling our Dear Leader the answer to his question (maybe I should start calling him Kim Jong-Il). I was immediately put back in my place of Lowly Follower.

“No, Mommy! Don’t tell me!” he said. “I want to think.”

And I thought to myself, “Oh good. Because I am so done with thinking.”

What a relief to know I don’t have to think anymore.

I have an almost-5 year old who wants to do it for me. After 30-some years of thinking, I have been relieved of the job. What a load off my back. I’m starting to thinking living in a dictatorship has its pluses, after all.

In case you are wondering, this means that Kaiden will be writing all future posts. He just has to learn to read first.

Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader


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