Alphabet F-Bombs

So last night I was putting Kaya to bed and reading her an alphabet book when we got to the “F” page. I started naming all the ‘F’ words on the page – fox, fence, farmer, when all of a sudden she says:

“Mommy, is ‘fuck’ a bad word?”

Ex-squeeze me??? I didn’t know whether to be more blown away that a 2-year old knew the word ‘fuck’ started with the letter ‘F’ or that my sweet little daughter just dropped an F-bomb on me. I thought a second about how to handle this one.

“Yes, baby, ‘fuck’ is a very bad word and no one should ever say it. It’s an ugly word.”

That seemed to satisfy her – for a minute. The she said:

“So why do you say ‘fuck’, Mommy?”

Oh jeeze. How do I get out of this one? Yes, I have been known from time-to-time, especially in moments of pure frustration and exasperation, to utter the F-word, even in the presence of my children’s innocent ears. For those of you who know me, I am sure none of you are shocked by that revelation right now. I thought back to that afternoon, at Kaya’s ballet recital, when Kaiden refused to get off my lap so I could go snap a picture of Kaya twirling on the stage before her moment was over. I was so mad, before I knew what I was saying I let out: “Fuckin-A!” right into the video camera Siig was using to capture Kaya’s moment for posterity. And now my shining moment of maturity was preserved as well. Wonderful.

Wait a second, I thought, had Kaya heard me all the way from the stage?

No, that was impossible. It must have been some other time I let the word slip. My mouth should be washed out with soap.

“Kaya, if anyone says that word, even Mommy, they have to go in time-out. OK?”

We went back to reading her book. But she was not finished with the conversation:

“Don’t ever say ‘fuck’ again, Mommy.”

Wow, had I just been scolded by my 2-year old?


My little ballerina after her recital, and Mommy's cussing

My little ballerina after her recital, and Mommy's cussing


6 thoughts on “Alphabet F-Bombs

    • Tracey – thanks so much for linking to my site on your blog! Always nice to meet new people on cyberspace.

  1. My son, when he was learning to talk, did not speak very clearly… but he heard very well. He would mimic his father, pacing around on the pretend cell phone and yakking up a storm. Only my husband and I could tell he was swearing his head off – copying his dad talking to contractors all day!

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