My Awesome Edward Scissorhands

floatieIn the few days since I last wrote, Kaiden’s teenage talk has actually increased. I think he aged at least five years in the past five days. This is what he said today every time we went down a hill on our bike: “It’s GO time!”

I mean, where does a 5-year old come up with phrases like this?

And I have counted at least six “awesomes” today. And he’s also told me about four times that he’s smarter than me.

At the same time his trendy talk is ramping up, Kaiden is also turning into Edward Scissorhands. He is obsessed with scissors. He will cut up anything – toys, books, his sister’s hair (luckily, I caught that one before it turned into a total disaster). The other night, however, he crossed the line. Siig had just given Kaya a new floatie to replace the one we lost at the beginning of the summer. It was her favorite color, pink, in the shape of a fish. When Siig gave it to her, she looked at him and said, “I love it.” Siig’s heart melted.

So the same night Kaya received her new pink floatie, no sooner had Kaiden asked for his scissors than I turn around and he’s cutting a fin off the fish. And he looked at me with this innocent look on his face as if to say, “What, mom, didn’t Dad bring this home just for me to destroy? Awesome!”

Needless to say the scissors are now confiscated. Just now he tried to pull a fast one on me and casually asked for the scissors while holding Kaya’s favorite necklace. I didn’t fall for that one.

Chalk up one for Mom, dude. I’m still, you know, like, totally, smarter than a 5-year old.

For now.


One thought on “My Awesome Edward Scissorhands

  1. my 4 year old has become proficient in the use of “fucka” not “er” as in you are such a “f(&^a” where on earth?????

    I might cop to an occasional f bomb, but ALWAYS cut it off as a four letter word, IF I were to call someone a f it would be with and “er”.

    Oh my oh my – one day she’ll be thirteen.

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