Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a

datingI am totally psyched to be dating on again.

Well, not exactly.  I am virtually dating through my 34-year old sister, Julie, who after many years of prodding and cajoling have finally, FINALLY, convinced to give on-line dating a try. (Julie, if your reading, I’m super proud of you.) Of course, it helped that I bought her a 3-month gift certificate to the site and threatened that I would never talk to her again if she didn’t at least sign up.

I feel comfortable getting my sister to use because, well, OK, I can safely admit it now, once upon a time I was on And yes this was long before I was married. (The Accidental Mommy had this great idea of confessing to your truest embarrassments. This might fall under that.)

Back in my past life when I was living in D.C., where women out number men like 3 to 1 (see, women really do run the world), I was going through a bad dry spell. Like no dates in 7 months, no prospects, no cute boys on the subway or in the gym. Nada. Nothing. (For my D.C. friends, this was before Bus-stop Bill. Remember him?) So with nothing to lose, I decided to give a try. It had its pros and cons, but you know what? It sure beat sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring. There were bad dates, of course, like the guy who took me to play video games at Dave & Buster’s for a first date (I despise video games) and the stalker who wouldn’t stop calling me after I went out with him one time. I think my roommates wanted to disconnect the phone.

But there were also good ones: I met a young Burt Reynolds-look alike who swept me off my feet for a few weeks. So much so that I didn’t even mind when he took me to a shooting range for our first date. (I know what you are thinking: what happened to a nice dinner for a first date?). It was fun while it lasted, and he even put off moving to Colorado because we were having such a good time. Then he totally freaked out at a party and got weird and that was the end of that.

But before I totally scare my sister off, let me be clear: yeah, I was embarrassed at the time that I was on Match and couldn’t find a date in “the real world,” but so what? Dating is hard. And meeting men in bars sucks. And now I know lots of people who have had success on, including my mother who met her boyfriend of one-year on the site, and my friend Rachel from college who met her husband Steve on Match.

Yesterday Julie and I browsed through some of her matches, and there looked like there were some good ones already.  (For me, it was a lot like checking out the goods in a chocolate store – all the fun without the calories.) The guy with the bull dog was pretty cute, and so was Purple123.

I have one piece of advice, and I know it’s got to be better than what my grandmother told Julie: “Be sure the guys aren’t HIV-Positive.” My suggestion: if a guys wants to take you to an arcade for the first date, it’s probably a safe bet he’s not the one.

But you never know.


6 thoughts on “Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a

  1. If I were single, I would totally be doing Match or another like it! The arcade would make me nuts on a first date, clearly he was thinking of what HE would enjoy.
    But I have to agree with grandma’s advice lol!

  2. It always sounded like fun to me….

    I should probably save this for a real TTT, but you remind me that I once signed my daughter up on a site to “find a Russian Husband”. REALLY. We were joking about all the Russian men finding American wives, (one of the sweetest marriages I know happened this way), so my daughter commented that she wished it worked the other way – I googled….and sure enough!

    Silly girl didn’t follow through, though…. and respond to any of those cute merchant seamen. I really wanted another Russian in the family. too…..

    • Thanks for stopping by! I am part Russian – my grandfather was originally from there. You could tell my heritage by my maiden name, Vinitsky. But now I just sound Danish, since my married name is Siig. People can’t pronounce either name, so I’m used to that!

  3. Popped over from Essie’s blog, and was entertained by this post, especially Grandma’s advice. I got married young and never got a chance to experiment with online matchmaking. Sounds like it would have been interesting…

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