Treasure Hunt

Treasure Found

Treasure Found

 If, as the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” than Kaiden is filthy rich. This entire summer, Kaiden the Pirate has been on a permanent treasure hunt, picking up anything that catches his eye, from money to bottle caps to golf tees. Without him knowing it, he has been performing a community service by grabbing any piece of trash he finds on the ground, which he then transfers to his pockets, which then finds its way, eventually, to my washing machine.

With his pockets so loaded with junk all the time, it’s a good thing he didn’t fall into a pool, because he would have sunk to the bottom. This was the contents of his shorts pockets that I emptied out on Wednesday after doing laundry:

  1. Newcastle Beer bottle cap
  2. Beach glass
  3. Key
  4. Dime
  5. Marble
  6. Plant stem
  7. Part of a plastic spoon
  8. Rocks
  9. Popsicle stick
  10. Piece of wood
  11. Red bead
  12. Bits and pieces of broken plastic toys
  13. Various shiny things I can’t even begin to describe

If you can’t find your keys or an earring or any other item that could fit into a child’s pocket, let me know. It might be at the bottom of my washing machine.


3 thoughts on “Treasure Hunt

    • The shirt is not shiny enough or small enough to attract Kaiden’s eye. Sound like someone else you know???

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