And the Award Goes to: Me

I would like to take a moment to send a shout out to Kelly over at Something Funny Happened Today for having the good sense to recognize the sheer brilliance and comedy of my blog and present me with my 100th first ever Blog Award. I am now the proud recipient of this beautiful button: award

I didn’t have time to prepare an acceptance speech, but in honor of my award I will be throwing a lavish party with an open bar and a red carpet in Los Angeles. However, since I just realized that I have absolutely NO weekends available for the next year – I am totally booked with kids birthday parties, house cleaning and children shuttling premieres, galas and celebrity parties – I have decided instead to honor the rules of my new, shiny award and list five obsessions. So hold onto your hats, I am about to completely bore WOW you:

1. Chocolate. Dark chocolate. With almonds. Although I recently discovered Endangered Species’ dark chocolate with mint, which is giving plain dark chocolate with almonds a run for its money. So good you might never need to have sex again.

2. My Chaco sandals. I don’t know what took me so long to embrace them, but I wish I had bought a pair years ago. My hippie sister turned me onto them this summer and they have changed my life. Good-bye, uncomfortable, back-ache inducing flip-flops. Hello, cushy, supportive Chacos. They might not be the most fashion forward-looking sandals in the world, but they have made my life all the better.

3. The chariot. It’s an all in one stroller, jogger, bike trailer and cross-country ski trailer, but I call it, simply, “Freedom.” It enabled me to get out and do what I love outside all while being with my kids. I wrote an article about the chariot once and called it a “threat to babysitters everywhere.” My kids are starting to outgrow it, and it’s a little worse for wear, but it’s like a member of our family or a loyal pet.

4. I am now going to break the pattern of only listing obsessions that start with “ch” (I think chess and checkers would make my list of bottom 100 obsessions, but I could easily go with cheese), and say yoga. Yes, I know it’s cliche and trendy and all that, but I absolutely love it. I used to be a runner and was constantly in pain until I discovered yoga. Now I actually feel good after exercising. Plus my husband likes when I wear those tight yoga pants. Bonus.

5. Here is where I totally cheese out and say something embarrassing like –  reality TV. Yes, I admit, I don’t watch that much TV but when I do, it’s gotta be “America’s Next Top Model” or “America’s Got Talent” or “So You Think You Can Dance.” I get completely transfixed and can barely wait a week for the next episode to find out what happened. Siig and Kaiden usually dominate the TV in our house, but when one of those shows are on, the family knows it’s mommy’s turn and the dishes are not going to get done. Hand over the clicker, kids, and no one gets hurt.

So to fulfill my award’s rules, I am supposed to tag five other people who are then supposed to list their five obsessions and tag five more people, or else somewhere a small child will die. Here goes:

1. Annieology, my first blogger friend. We were neck in neck for 20th place in the SocialLuxe Lounge Award for funniest blog, until she kicked my ass. I felt the wind in my face as she sailed past me in votes. But she has like 10 kids who all voted for her so it doesn’t really count.

2. Brittany of Barefoot Foodie. She absolutely cracks me up every time I read her blog. I have to wear a pad so I don’t wet my pants.

3. Brilliant Sulk. Funny. Plus she reads my blog on occasion. That will always get you major points.

4. And other new blogging acquaintances: The Accidental Mommy and, 5. MomZombie.


6 thoughts on “And the Award Goes to: Me

  1. You like me. You really, really like me.


    Also, thanks for reminding me about America’s Got Talent, and reminding me that my DVR once again SCREWED me, and not in the good way, and did not catch last nights episode.

    I guess I got some work to do now.

  2. You had me at dark chocolate, but then you went ahead and mentioned ANTM and now I think we should be best friends. I saw that Oxygen was running Cycle 2 episodes yesterday and I DVRed the entire season. !!! Yoanna and Shandi and the whole bunch. When are they going to give Nigel his own show? Because: yum.

  3. Oh congratulations! Just don’t get too drunk at your own party. No one likes a drunk guest of honor (I’ve done it)

    Thank you for the mention, glad someone thinks I’m a bit funny!

    I will now subscribe because you mentioned my site and I’m shallow.

  4. Glad you accepted the award, how very awkward and pathetic I’d be if you didn’t. Just a side note, did you know there are things you can do about that peeing problem? A whole two posts on my blog are devoted to that, unless you count the one where I talk about my uterus falling out, but I was just using that as a figure of speech. Most of my traffic, sadly, comes from those googling “My uterus is falling out” and I don’t think they are using it as a figure of speech, more a true statement. ayhoo, congrats and thanks for playing.

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