13 things you should know about me

This weekend I am doing something new – I am spending a weekend with 16 women I’ve never met before. No, it’s not rehab or a yoga retreat. It’s a blogging get-together in Sacramento called the Blathering. How could I pass it up when it’s only 2 hours away? Plus there’s going to be wine tasting and pedicures. And no children. Did I mention no children? And wine? And people rubbing my feet? Sold.

Here’s 13 things you should know about me ahead of time:

1. Wine makes my nose run. And get stuffed up. So if you see me sniffling while drinking, it’s not because the vino is making me all sappy. Apparently, the tannins or sulfur can do this to you when you age. So all you spring chickens still in your 20s, now you can see what’s in your future. And it ain’t pretty.

2. I have no problem whatsoever leaving my children for 2 days, especially since they will be with their dad. What scares me, however, is my husband (who is challenged in the housekeeping department) and what kind of shape my house will be in when I get back. If you see me descend into a panic, it’s not because I miss my little ones; it’s because I’m thinking of the time he let them empty the entire contents of the pantry into the living room and left it like that for me to come home to.

3. I am petrified of the vegetable aisle at the grocery store. It overwhelms me. This is partly due to the fact that I just started cooking last year. I know, late bloomer. But I’m trying. I don’t love it yet, but at least I now have a few recipes up my sleeve. Any EASY recipe advice is appreciated. By easy I mean minimal chopping and dicing, with as few ingredients as possible. If it comes with a professional chef, all the better.

4. I had a VBAC at home with my second child and am very passionate about homebirth but would never shove it down anyone’s throat. If you want to talk more about it, I’d be happy to share.

5. I am not a very good sleeper and have a tendency to wake up at 2 am and be up for two hours. I am hoping the wine, or Ambien, will help that. Or maybe a combination of the two.

6. I am finding it incredibly difficult to come up with 13 things about myself. What kind of a blogger am I?

7. I am a true journalist at heart and love getting to know people and learning about your background and asking lots of questions. Sometimes I can tread a little too deep and put my foot in my mouth, so if I do, just tell me to back off gently. Or distract me by bringing out dessert.

8. I love my children and I love doing things with them, but I am not a Mommy’s mommy. Mother’s clubs freak me out, same with the PTO. And the first time I took my son to a Mommy & Me class, I had an identity crisis.

9. Am I at #13 yet?

10. I have to pee like every half hour. And I’m not even pregnant. It could be because I drink a ton of water. Or I have a small bladder. Or two pregnancies have messed up all my lady parts. And if you see me stand still and squeeze my legs together when I sneeze, that’s my way of preventing an embarrassing situation from occurring.

11. Watching my 3-year old daughter in her ballet class has been one of the highlights of motherhood so far. For those of you with a girl, please enroll her in ballet when she is old enough. It’s ADORABLE. For those of you who only have boys, sorry. Soccer just isn’t the same.

12. I love jewelery. And not the expensive kind. Turquoise and silver and beads and all that. My husband is thankful every day that I am not a diamond girl.

13. Ahhh, I made it to the end! I am secretly freaking out that I am going to be one of the oldest women at the Blathering, as in 40 is just around the corner for me, whereas most of you seem to be starring at 30. But I still get carded once in a while, so I got that going for me.

14. I know, I know. I was complaining that I couldn’t think of enough things to write and now I have more than 13. This was added later because my husband would tell me I did a terrible disservice to you all if I forgot to mention this one small point – I have hiccups. Not regular hiccups. One really loud, surprise hiccup that occurs at random times. My sister shares this with me, so I am guessing it’s genetic.  So don’t be surprised if you hear a very loud sound coming from me at some point during the weekend that sounds like a hiccup on steroids. It even scares me sometimes.


9 thoughts on “13 things you should know about me

  1. I squeeze my legs together too when I sneeze! I’m hoping this goes away eventually.

    And yay, roomie! If you’re up at 2 AM and want company, wake me up, I’m all for it. I’m used to waking up with a hungry baby, anyway.

  2. I like the IDEA of cooking, but I’m not really a fan of anything that takes too long. (Unless it is made of flour, butter and sugar, then I am VERY EXCITED.)

    Can’t wait to meet you!

  3. Way to go Melissa…..blogging weekend!!!!! You will have so much fun especially getting to know everyone and the no children factor. My hat goes off to Sig. Way to man up for you.

  4. Hiii! I’m a late addition to the Blathering, so I’ve been checking out everyone’s lists 🙂 So, I have a super loud sneeze, so between your hiccups and my sneeze, we can basically scare the crap out of everyone! Also, I live in Sac, and can’t tell you how jealous I am of you living in Tahoe! AAAHHH! So gorgeous!

    Looking forward to meeting you 🙂

  5. Have a great time with all your new blogging friends. I like your list, especially the jewelry part (I love sterling silver, turquoise, beads, etc. too) and the mommy’s mommy part. I am that way to the core. I’m involved, but I always feel like I’m in a June Cleaver costume and the wig is slightly askew.

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