Breaking Spring

Whoever invented spring break did not have kids. Or else they had some fancy second home on a tropical island and a private jet to whisk them off to it. Or the courage to brave Disneyland during a holiday.

As I have none of the above, and Siigo just returned from a 10-day trip (yeah, that was so much fun for me. not.), we are staying put for spring break. Which means I have 2 kids with no school and no scheduled activities and back-to-back snow storms. Which translates as cabin fever and craziness for yours truly.

Living in a small mountain town, my choices for things to do with the kids are limited. I can’t take them skiing since I am six months pregnant, we have about exhausted Kaiden’s best buddies for play dates, I am afraid to set foot in the library because I have so many overdue books and already lost one princess book and a Mary Poppins video and I don’t want to get yelled at by the cranky librarian. So we stay home. And I grow bored.

Of course, I still have my taxes to do. This would be the perfect opportunity to work on those. I just can’t imagine why I am putting it off – they are so much fun to do. But why should I break a 5-year streak of turning my taxes in late and always getting an extension? I am sure the IRS just expects me to file late. If I filed on time, I would probably get audited. This is all part of my master plan.

Normally, on a Monday, I would be taking Kaiden to school and Kaya to ballet and picking Kaiden up from school and then going to the store and half the day would be gone. But not this week. Now we sit and watch the snow fall. And I watch Kaiden lying on the living room floor still in his pajamas at 1 p.m. playing with his wiener and singing a nonsense song while he waits, impatiently, for a friend to come over. (“Mom, how many more minutes until Cooper gets here??? How many more minutes since the last time I asked you one minute ago?” How long is half an hour? Can I just watch a cartoon?”)

I remember back in the day when Spring Break was something to look forward to – carefree trips to Mexico, laying in the sun, drinking beer and margaritas, flirting with boys, parties. Now, I look forward to bed and sleeping in late. Geez, I feel old.

The only thing keeping me going is that I asked my grandmother if I could come on her annual trip to a spa in San Diego this month. I am waiting to hear from her to find out if they still have rooms available. Come on, Grandma! Save your favorite pregnant granddaughter from boredom and insanity.

If not, I just might be the one to break this spring.


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