Go ahead, make my day. I dare you.

So with Mountain Momma’s one year anniversary coming up, I thought some blogging reflection was in order. I have learned a lot about the blogosphere in this past year, and it’s turned out to have both exceeded my expectations and also underwhelmed them. On the one hand, I have met a lot of hilarious women out there – barefoot foodie, brilliantsulk, aiming low girls – who have wowed me with their wittiness and at the same time showed me that us moms are all going through the same things, and to rejoice in our imperfectness.

I have learned that there is a whole world to blogging, that even more than Facebook blogging can be a major time suck and you could spend your whole day – if you so choose or had the luxury – of reading other blogs and commenting on them, or reading blogs about blogging. And just like magazines, there is a blog for everything, and a blogging community for everyone.

My blog has evolved since my very first posting. At first, I thought I would write more about politics, but after two postings on the subject I realized it was a lot of work and writing about my comedic adventures in motherhood was much more entertaining, and enjoyable, to write about. And truthfully, takes a lot less time.

The one thing I have been disappointed in is that my readership has been so slow to grow. When first starting out,  I had fantasies of hundreds of people flocking to Mountain Momma on a daily basis, advertisers lining up at my feet, book deals in the works, and my husband rejoicing in my successful “hobby” because now he could quit his job and play and be dad and worship the ground I walk on (not to imply that he doesn’t worship said ground already). Well, I haven’t exactly been able to quit my day job yet. Mind you, I have had great days – I think my record is 700 hits in one day. But that seems to be more of an anomaly. Most days I get around 20 people reading my blog. Some days it can go up to 30-something, some days down to 5. And with very few people commenting on my blog (if you are reading this, don’t be afraid to leave a note; I promise, I won’t bite), most days I feel like asking, like Julie in the movie “Julie & Julia,” “Hello? Is anybody out there?” Is anybody reading this besides my mother? (Mom, you better be reading!)

People ask me why I blog, why I put my life story in cyberspace for the world to read. The answer is three-fold: because I love to write, because I love to make people laugh (if only myself), and because I love when I find out that someone else has enjoyed my blog, whether it be someone I know in person or a stranger who comments on my blog for the first time.

So come on, make this blogger’s day – tell me how you feel, tell me if you like the blog’s new look,  if I make you laugh (or cry), even tell me if I suck. Just tell me something, for god’s sake, so I don’t feel like Dick Cheney – I’m talkin’ loud, but does anybody really care or even listening?


7 thoughts on “Go ahead, make my day. I dare you.

  1. Melissa, I read your postings every time! It comes straight to my in box, so when I have a quiet moment (it may take me a couple of days to get one) I like to sit back and read and chuckle and sometimes laugh my ass off. The best thing is being able to keep up with you and the kids and your adventures even though we only have face time 2 -3 times a year. It’s fantastic! Keep up the good work.

  2. I always read, I’m just an inconsiderate person! I thought of you the other day, I still have your bloggy business card in my wallet! 🙂

  3. Yes, we’re here, and we’re listening! Sorry I don’t comment more often. You always crack me up. I love getting to peak into what’s going on with the Siigos. Can’t wait to see what you blog about the Golden Door next week! See you Sunday.

  4. Happy blogoversary. I’ve been doing this crazy blogging dance for almost three years and none of it has turned out as envisioned. I’m getting better at my dance steps but still … no standing Os. I love your blog just as it is.

  5. Oh thank you for including me in the list of bloggers who make you laugh. Sometimes I wonder why I do it…

    Lately I’ve been slow to write new posts for my blog and even read some of favorite blogs. It’s these fucking kids. They demand so much of my time. In my next life I’m having kittens. The breastfeeding must be hell but soon enough they’re off chasing mice and sleeping all day.

    I read your blog when I have time and I love your writing.

    Happy anniversary!

  6. You always make the cut. I will admit to reading you in Reader so I don’t actually count, stat counter wise. It was about the year mark, for me, when a popular but horrible blogger stole a post of mine, word for word and did not link or even mention me. After a couple posts outing him I became all that I am today.

    Also, sorry for the lengthy delay in commenting, I’ve been using my Passport.

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