It Was You

It was you

that was inside me for 9 months

it was you

who kicked me in the ribs

had the hiccups every day

made me eat like a teenage boy for two months

it was you

who had me convinced you were a boy

who had me doubled over with pain when you started to come

who had me howling like an animal when you pushed your way out into this world

it was you all along…

and you were a girl

Welcome, Nakita Trinity. Born at home in the water on July 18 at 3:37 a.m.

We are so very happy you are here. In the two and a half weeks that you’ve been here, you’ve ripped my private parts, gave me hemorrhoids, peed on me, puked on me, and you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. (OK, so maybe not the hemorrhoids).


5 thoughts on “It Was You

  1. Ohhhhh Melissa… I love the poem! I didn’t know u had poetry up your sleeve. Maybe nakita is bringing all sorts of wonderful surprises!

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