About Mountain Momma

Et voila, c'est moi

Et voila, c'est moi

Welcome to my world. I’m Melissa Siig, a 38-year old mother of three. I live in Lake Tahoe – well, not actually in the lake but right near it. My house sits at about 6,700 feet and is covered in snow for half the year.  When I’m not taking my 6 and 4 year-old to the park or watching endless Scooby-Doo reruns or nursing my six month old, I am a freelance writer who covers everything from the ski world to community issues to travel and the economy. I used to teach political science at the local community college, but when I realized that the old cliche about how teachers are underpaid was true, I quit. I’m trying to embrace my inner Domestic Diva – no matter how much it kills me – and started learning to cook a few years ago. It’s not quite as bad as I thought. Sleep is not one of the gifts God handed out to me when he made me – if I sleep for six straight hours I’m lucky. Ambien is my friend.

I am married to a zany mountain man who likes to ski down giant peaks in Alaska and ride really fast on his snowmobile, and constantly keeps me entertained. I live in a tight-knit community where massive snow storms are to be celebrated, extreme sports are a way of life and recreation is required. I do my part by hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, skate skiing and yoga-ing (that should most definitely be a word).

If 10 years ago anyone would have told me I would end up in Tahoe and work as a journalist, I would have told them to put down the crack pipe. I barely even knew how to ski. It’s also because, once upon a time, I thought I would live in Washington, D.C. forever – I wanted to be secretary of state and find peace in the Middle East. My interest in that happy region of the world stems from my Israeli father and yearly trips to the Holy Land. Later, I got my masters in Middle East Politics and studied Arabic, traveled around the region, almost worked at the CIA, NSA and DEA but couldn’t pass the background check (that’s another story) and was working for a Pentagon consulting firm when I decided it was time to put lifestyle before career and get out of stuffy, uptight D.C. and back to the West Coast, where I’m from.

And that’s how I ended up in the mountains, a place I never thought I would be, living a life I never thought I would have. But it’s wonderful.

Oh, and I can’t live without three things: dark chocolate, bananas and a little me-time.

My Mountain Man - Siigo

My Mountain Man - Siigo

My Mountain Kids - Kaya and Kaiden

My Mountain Kids - Kaya and Kaiden


22 thoughts on “About Mountain Momma

  1. Oh Melissa I love it from your color choices to your words, nice work. I can’t wait to read more.

  2. Congrats on your new arrival, Melissa! I love the blog so far and will look forward to the updates. Have fun writing, it will be fun for us all to read.

  3. I love your blog Melissa. Your mom is right — you are an inspiration! My son is a lucky, lucky man. Love, Penny

  4. your blog is wonderful…………….and a great style of writing. i look forward to each of your postings……..happy mothers day!!!

  5. hey sister. we miss the farmers market, but enjoyed your blogging about it! happy day. thanks for the blog updates…

    • Alissa – thanks for reading! Hope Serafina is feeling better. So, are you moving to Tahoe this summer???? Come back!

    • Thanks for reading! Please pass on the link to any of your friends. Hope you are adjusting to two kiddos. luv, m

  6. Hi Mountain Momma! Just found you via All Mediocre and am intrigued by your background… I am absolutely fascinated by Middle Eastern culture (went to Jordan and Egypt on my honeymoon this past March)… Definitely checking back!

    • Hi Homve Valley:
      Thanks for reading and please check back. I haven’t written much about the Middle East yet but I am sure when the opportunity arises I will. I have traveled throughout much of the area and we are contemplating out first trip with the kids, maybe, in the spring. But the 24 hour flight is daunting.

  7. Hi Fellow Gaucho! Great to meet you, by way of MomZombie. Funny that we were at UCSB at the same time!

    Thanks for stopping by–I’ll be back to visit again. Your kids are goregous, btw!

  8. I keep breezing past the “about you” on your blog because I know you! But then I read it and was so proud to know you. I wish I saw you more. Keep rockin it Melis – it is so funny!!! xoxoxo

  9. Wow – your new life sounds chock full of fresh air and sunshine. Activity. Outside. I’m so jealous.

    I find your background in Middle East politics so intriguing. I just finished reading “Infidel” and though not about the Middle East, it’s such a fascinating look at Islam. The dynamics of that region are so beyond comprehension for a WASPy American living in the suburbs.

    I look forward to coming back to this blog.

  10. Love you Melissa, I love thinking about the girl I knew in college and the beautiful woman you have become, you make me want to run to the mountains!


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