Don’t Flush, Baby is Sleeping

Yes, I know, it’s been ages since I last wrote a blog post. I am sure you all have been bereft at my absence.

I could make many excuses – like the fact that Siigo blew out his knee skiing and had to get knee surgery, leaving me to care for not 3 but 4 children, or the fact that our house got hit by a Class IV avalanche, demolishing our garage, cars, and shed…but really, those are just run-of-the-mill excuses that I’m sure happen to the average mom across the world. Right?

But finally, at long last, a window of opportunity has opened for me today to update all my loyal (i.e. my mother) readers. The kids are at school, the baby asleep, articles finished, cat puke on the rug being ignored. I am sure you are on the edge of your seat thinking, “Oh, Mountain Momma, with what excellent stories are you going to regale us with today?”

The topic of the day is thus: my baby sleeps in the laundry room. Or in the closet. Or bathroom Whichever you want to call it since my closet is also the laundry room which is off the bathroom. Either way, I don’t think it makes us sound like the best parents.

But really, Child Number Three is only 9 months old. What does she care? We have played musical rooms with her. She of course started out in our bed as a newborn, then we transferred her to a cradle at the foot of our bed, but when it came time to start letting her cry it out, I needed to be able to drown out her cries with a closed door. We put her in her REAL crib in Kaya’s room, but her middle-of-the-night cries kept Kaya up. Plus, I really didn’t enjoy walking up a flight of stairs at 3 a.m.

Next, we put her in Kaiden’s room and had him sleep in the playroom. But that still required me to walk up the stairs. So the only room left with a door – my closet/laundry room/bathroom. There are some bonuses: it’s nice and warm and quiet. And close to my bed, so I don’t have to walk far to get her.

But there are some drawbacks. I can’t do laundry when she is sleeping, which as all moms know is prime laundry time. I have to be extra quiet brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed at night. And, above all costs, I CANNOT flush the toilet.

I know most babies have cute little rooms all decorated for them – with colorful wallpaper and matching furniture and a mobile over the crib. None of that for Child Number Three. She gets a pack-and-play in the laundry room.

But that also means Mommy sleeps better. And we all know that’s worth a baby sleeping in the bathroom.