I’ll have a cup of distraction with my cereal, please

Lately, I’ve taken to observing Siig as he tries to leave the house in the morning. It’s quite entertaining. Here is a typical morning for my easily-distracted husband:

7 am: Wakes up. Gets in shower.

7:10 am: Still in shower.

7:15 am: Still in shower. “I can’t get out of the shower.”

7:30 am: Comes upstairs. Puts on tea kettle. Turns on the TV to watch the weather.

7:40 am: Yells at children to get dressed and ready for school. Opens his computer to check his email. Checks Facebook.

7:45 am: Completely absorbed by Facebook. Does not hear me asking him if he’s going to put pants on.

7:55 am: Looks up from his computer. “Oh crap. Time to go. Kids, 5 minutes.” Makes a phone call. Finds pants.

7:59 am: Still talking on the phone.

8 am: Can’t find wallet. Or mug of tea he just made.

8:05 am: Goes outside to start his truck. Comes back in. Sits down and writes an email. Does not hear me telling him now is not the best time to start working.

8:10 am: Looks at clock. Hustles kids into truck. Comes back inside. Puts tea kettle back on. Spills honey. Grabs kids’ backpacks and puts them in his truck.

8:11 am: Comes back inside. Makes another mug of tea. Searches for his cowboy hat. Gives up, wears baseball hat instead. Looks at time. “Oh shit, gotta go. Kids are going to be late.”

8:15 am: Walks out the door. Forgets not one but two mugs of tea.

8:20 am: Calls me from bottom of the road. “Where am I taking Kaya today?”

8:25 am: Calls me again. “I forgot my tea.”